Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The battle rages on over Theatair X

It began with community complaints and a WAVE 3 News investigation. Now, Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana, or R.O.C.K., is again taking on the Clarksville Town Council and Theatair X with a new website it is unveiling.

In 2009, we took an undercover look at Theatair X. Our cameras found many violations of the Clarksville town ordinance. There have been other investigations by R.O.C.K., including claims of open sex acts, prostitution and drug use.

On its new website, Truth About Theatair X, R.O.C.K. takes on the town council saying the only action the body has taken is issuing four minor citations to Theatair X. After Theatair X sued, a judge ruled the ordinance had not been passed properly and therefore those citations were not enforceable.

"The simple fix is to just pass a new ordinance. Pass it according to Indiana law - simple," said Maryann Gramig, president of R.O.C.K. "There were no other issues named that were problematic with the ordinance, which indicates there were no other issues. Just go back, pass it again, fix the technical issue and you're good to go."

Paul Craft, the Clarksville town council president, said they have appealed the ruling and have been waiting for a special judge to be appointed, which was recently done. Craft said they are waiting to hear the new ruling and feels they have done everything they can.

R.O.C.K. said the council hasn't done nearly enough.