Monday, November 26, 2012

Paint Rock Valley Lodge and Retreat: Hidden Alabama treasure

Eddie and Vivian Prince opened the Paint Rock Valley Lodge and Retreat in 1994. Many of their collections came from an old store they had.  

There's a game room and meeting rooms. And the lodge is replicated with rooms that pay homage to the past. 

"This is an old country store," said Eddie Prince. 

There's even a gas station complete with goods you would find from the 40's and 50's. There's also a working barber shop with a rare, antique coke machine and "small" Coke bottles. 

"This is our 50's diner," added Eddie - beaming with pride.  

The replica looks like the Happy Days TV set. And 45s line the walls as jukebox figurines jitterbug away.
Another country store has antiques going back to 1900. 

The lodge is huge. The rooms are very basic and can sleep several people. No TV. No bathrooms and no telephones, but if you miss the gift of gab, there is always the pay phone in the lodge commons area.  Cell phones usually don't work here either.

There are also small cabins on the site and some RV hookups, so guests are always comfortable.

The next day you can visit Lodge City. No store fronts here. This western town has a hotel, barber shop, saloon, and combination dentist office/cobbler shop. There is an old church which also serves as a school, a bank, printer, post office, coffin maker, jail and more.   

"We have a hangman's noose if people get out of hand, you know," said Eddie.

Behind Lodge City is another Western town with a cotton gin and much more. These areas look like a Hollywood movie set. 

They have festivals there during the year with musicians and re-enactors. They even have gun fights just like at the OK Corral. 

The owners of the place say it's a throwback to days gone by.  

"It's just a peaceful slower lifestyle, you know, and that's really what we were trying to do," Eddie said.
"The older people enjoy this type thing," adds Vivian.

Just the thing to get away from the city and modern distractions in Bobby's Bama.