Monday, July 25, 2011

Downtown Partners works to increase foot traffic downtown

Downtown Partners has always worked to promote downtown Sioux City and increase foot traffic for businesses and events.

Downtown Partners officials say downtown Sioux City already has a lot of existing great culture and now they're directing their funds towards more projects.

A recent event sponsored by them was Rock-N-Rods.

The event had more than 500 cars registered.

Officials say they hope to make this an annual event and eventually become more financially stable and pass it to another organization.

"That's really the goal from when we create something in downtown, for it to be successful and for someone to take it over and keep it going. So that maybe we can focus our efforts on another new event," said Ragen Cote, Executive Director of Downtown Partners.

Another project they're helping with is future plans for Cone Park in downtown Sioux City.

Those plans include an ice skating rink, amphitheater, farmers market and water feature on four acres of land across from the Battery Building.

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