Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Kid Rocks: Mary Mikels of Daniels Middle School in Raleigh

Sometimes in life it's easy to overlook how lucky we are, and take for granted the simple things in life that some of us are lucky enough to have.

Last week I met a girl with an amazing talent and dose of perspective.

Before shooting this story I wondered, "What is about music that moves us?" Then I met Mary Mikels.

"I would say that music has been the most, one of the most important things of my life," says Mary.

Mary is 16 years old and is the youngest of four children. She's the only child in the family who was born blind.

"She went to Duke at two weeks where she underwent Cleft lip surgery, and under anesthesia, they were able to confirm there was nothing under her eye lids, not even optic nerves." Mary's mother Juana Mikels said.

And so began Mary's journey, one shaped by music she could only hear, and eventually play.

She got up on stage earlier this year during a singing competition for students in Wake County and won first place for the middle school division, including a $100 prize.

Mary donated the money to a foundation that trains guide dogs for children who are blind or visually impaired

Although she is blind, Mary doesn't take special classes at Daniels Middle School in Raleigh.

"I see it is a blessing," Mary says about being blind.  "What matters to a blind person is the inside of a person, not how they look," she added.

So maybe in the end, it's not the music that moves us, but rather the musician.

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